Soul Electronics Emotion Review

A slippery case

Like most true-wireless earbuds, the Emotion comes with a case that does double duty for storage and charging. Since these are fully wireless earbuds, there is no charging port on the earbuds themselves. Instead, you set the right and left ones into specific cradles in the case where the charging pins can connect.

Archeer Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker Review

It’s really tough finding a Bluetooth speaker these days that combine amazing sound along with a great design. Well, it’s not hard if you have the money to throw around. But for most folks, finding something that incorporates both of these features at an affordable price can prove to be difficult.

Nest Webcam Review

Thanks to the internet, that’s all changed. And the Nest Home Security cam is a perfect example of how switched the game up. In a nutshell, the Nest Cam security camera is a $200 internet-enabled security camera that allows you keep tabs of your home 24/7. It streams in 1080p HD quality and sends you a text or email notification anytime it catches someone or something in its field of sight.

Sit-To-Stand Riser Versadesk Power Pro Review

Enter the sit-stand riser, which can convert a stationary desk into an adjustable-height desk so we can use it either standing up or sitting down. Today, we’ll be looking at one from Versadesk who bill themselves as the creator of the original push-button electric sit-to-stand desk riser.

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