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Thanks to the internet, that’s all changed. And the Nest Home Security cam is a perfect example of how switched the game up. In a nutshell, the Nest Cam security camera is a $200 internet-enabled security camera that allows you keep tabs of your home 24/7. It streams in 1080p HD quality and sends you a text or email notification anytime it catches someone or something in its field of sight.

nest cam indoor

I’ve had the device for 3 weeks now and I can honestly say this is one of the best and easiest security cams out there. Sure, I personally haven’t tried them all, but at this point, it’s pretty safe to say if I had to buy another one, the Nest Cam would be it.

The Good

Rotating magnetic mount and pivoting stand: I wanted to install the camera where it would be used the most, like somewhere it would matter if something valuable was taken. I slapped it somewhere in my office but didn’t want to screw any holes into my walls so I opted to utilize the device’s magnetic mount. I stuck it on my radiator and swiveled it around to find the perfect angle. You can pretty much squeeze it in anywhere.

Simple setup: Setup is pretty quick. The longest part I would say is registering and setting up your Nest account online. Connecting the camera to the app takes 5 minutes or less.

The Nest app is easy to navigate: After getting the camera connected to WiFi and my account all set up, I was able to see my stream via my smartphone in seconds. There are a couple of neat out-of-the-box settings you can adjust such as a home/away mode that essentially uses your phone location to determine if you’re home or not. This way it can record while you’re away and turn off when you are home.

Nest Cam App

Navigating around the app to see what your camera captured is fairly easy too. The Nest app displays all the events in a timeline-like stream. For example, the most recent stuff is at the top while all the previous events are at the bottom. Think of it like a Facebook Newsfeed. At first, it might be confusing since no previous events are captured, but once you get a couple of notifications, you’ll see how it works itself out.

Amazing streaming quality: The Nest Cam streams in 1080p resolution (a 1920×1080, 2-megapixel resolution, to be exact). This means you see everything without having to sacrifice video quality. The quality of your stream comes in clutch when you’re trying to pick up on a person’s features or the details of a room.

Nest Cam

Two-way talk: If you happen to catch an intruder or someone who just doesn’t belong in the room your camera is setup in, you can actually hear in or talk to them via the built-in two-way talk feature. From the app, just hit the microphone button and scream away. When you watch the live stream from the Nest app, sound is automatically played.

It can see in the dark: Apparently, not all security cams offer this feature. Luckily, the Nest Cam does and it does a great job at it. You get the same 1080p streaming quality and the results are fantastic.

2 thoughts on “Nest Webcam Review”

  1. I cannot say enough good things about the Nest Cam. I purchased a 3 pack and a single camera (total 4 cameras) for my mother’s apartment.
    My Mom is 86 years old and is in stage 3 of Alzheimer’s disease. She forgets everything all of the time. We live 1200 miles apart. The Nest Cam has helped me help her with her daily routines. We do not use the Nest Cam with a video tape. We just use it as a live camera so I can check in with her & help her follow through on her chores. The picture quality is excellent. There is even sound so you can have a full conversation over the Nest Cam. You can talk and be heard and listen to what the person at the other end of the camera is saying. Cameras were very fast and easy to set up and move around. Setting up your on line account was simple. Anyone can do it. You need “0” experience to set up & use. When using the camera this way, there is no monthly charge of any kind. If you want to move the camera around frequently, just purchase an extension cord. I frequently help my mother while she is on the computer. My mother moves the camera directly in front of her computer screen so I can see what she is doing, read her computer screen & assist her with tasks she finds difficult. I can make sure she turns off the oven after she cooks.
    The customer service at Nest is among the best I have ever come across. They are friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and available 24/7. I called them a few time before purchasing the Nest Cam and 2X afterwards.I was speaking to someone at Nest within 1-2 minutes each time I called which was very impressive. I am used to being put on hold listening to bad music for 10-15 minutes when calling customer service at other companies. Another good feature is that Nest e-mails you every time there is a break in Wi-Fi service. The Nest camera system would be a great security camera system but it is also ideal to help and keep track of elderly parents. I highly recommend the Nest Cam system.

  2. An expensive webcam with great quality video. Works pretty flawlessly. The WORST thing about it is the subscription they want you to buy to view your video after the 30 day free trial expires. I just use this thing to watch my dog during the day so now it’s kind of pointless, but once the 30 day subscription expired, you can no longer view the video clips/recording. What you CAN see is a few random screen shots of activity, but you cannot actually play the video which is so weird. I thought I would at least be able to view 3 hours of video that was previously recorded, but this is not the case. It’s really just the past 3 hours of screen shots. I refuse to pay any subscription fee for this thing.
    Facial recognition is pretty good – it even recognizes faces on TV. My only issue is the cost of the subscription, which I refuse to pay for and hope others do too.

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