Soul Electronics Emotion Review

A slippery case

Good luck trying to open the slippery case.

Like most true-wireless earbuds, the Emotion comes with a case that does double duty for storage and charging. Since these are fully wireless earbuds, there is no charging port on the earbuds themselves. Instead, you set the right and left ones into specific cradles in the case where the charging pins can connect.

Rather than a white carrying case shaped like dental floss, the Emotion case is a wider rectangle that comes in either black or white. It can still fit in your pocket comfortably or in the palm of your hand. However, it’s a pain to open — that’s mostly because of the smooth outer coating. The slight indent on the front also doesn’t have enough depth to make it useful when opening the case.

Word to the wise: Don’t eat potato chips or anything greasy before attempting to open these. It won’t end well. 

The charging pins on the Emotion easily click in with the opposite ones in the case.

Unlike the Crazybaby Air 1S, another true wireless pair, it doesn’t require a Master’s degree to charge these. Merely rest them in their respective spots, and a circle in the middle will glow. That’s the only indicator you get that they’re charging, however. A microUSB port on the back lets you charge the case when it runs out of juice to charge the earbuds. 

Super lightweight earbuds

These wireless earbuds stick out a lot less than Apple's AirPods.

While the case has a few misguided choices, the earbuds are light at just 5 grams each. The lack of heft makes a considerable difference in fit, especially if you have sensitive ears. For some, Apple’s AirPods can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time, partly due to their elongated design.

Emotion doesn’t steer far from the general course for earbuds. The physical tip extends from the main bud, where you’ll find the charging ports and the actual sound technology. This isn’t a fully sealed design, and as such, the earbuds aren’t water resistant. Or sweat-resistant, for that matter — look elsewhere for a gym pair.

You can customize the fit of the eartip with four different sizes of gel tips that are in the box. You should be able to get a tight fit that won’t fall out. These aren’t noise-canceling, but do a decent job of isolating you by blocking out some of the ambient din.

Easy Bluetooth pairing

Once you get it open and remove the Emotion earbuds, the pairing or connection process begins.

Apple AirPods still stands as the easiest pairing process among Bluetooth headphones, but the Emotion is as close you can get to it without a specialized chip like Apple’s earbuds have. Once you’ve managed to open the case, removing the earbuds will have start pairing mode. From there, open Bluetooth settings on your device and connect to “Soul Emotion.”

It is nice that there’s a step or two less than most Bluetooth pairings, but there aren’t many other conveniences. For instance, these earbuds lack the intelligence to stop playback when you take them out of your ears and resume it when you put them back in. You also can’t control volume on the buds — only play/pause, track advance/rewind, and calling.

Well-balanced sound

Even with some trade-offs, the sound quality will impress.

For sound quality, I didn’t have the highest expectations for Emotion. However, after a ditching AirPods for a week and using these, I can say I’m quite surprised with their sound quality.

2 thoughts on “Soul Electronics Emotion Review”

  1. i have an Affinity for small ear buds and found these to be
    Awesome with the medium tips included. The only Drawback
    being that the volume is only controlled by the Device and therefor
    limiting how high it can go. Sometimes a movie is low in volume and
    needs more but with these, you don’t have a choice.

  2. I was having second thoughts on these, but so far, they have exceeded my expectations, build quality seems really good, they’re small in size and weight, sound wise I find them good too, lacking on bass but I’ll play with the included eartips for the best fit and see how much this improves, I’ll update this review after my daily run but so far I’m impressed and happy with my purchase

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